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Get everything new I release (including the new album I am working on) as well as music from my back catalog, subscriber only releases along with subscriber only access to updates as I write and record a new album! .... and more :)

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    • Access to PRIVATE GOOGLE HANGOUTS (2 a year)
    • First access to any VIP recording events I do.
    • First access to tickets for any live shows I do.
    • FREE tickets to any Public show I do.
    • A digital copy of my last album “Honore et Amore”.
    • A 30 minute singing lesson, guitar, piano or songwriting lesson from me. Your choice. (1 every 12 months)
    • Access to Subscriber Only Merch (rare items, signed limited edition items)
    • Access to my Personal Music Collection. (alternate master recordings, alternate mixes etc.)
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    • 1 x Deeper access update each month where I take you somewhere with me…
    • The knowledge that you are helping me sustain a career as an artist :)
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